Starting with the question: How to make our stakeholder acknowledge on our effort and status of our company in performance of finance, social and environment? The answer may varies but one of the answer that the most probable people will do is disclosure those information through a formal way, i.e. release a periodic Sustainability Report (SR) comprising the three key performances of sustainability matter such as finance, social and environment.

In addition, most of company has their own financial report for the shareholder and some of them has also separate report either environmental report or social report. However, the respective stakeholder, e.g. Customer, shareholder, government, neighboring community, Non Governmental Organization (NGO), mass media, etc., are not always getting the information as they expecting from the released report of the company. At the same time, the company itself has received various information queries from their stakeholder, which sometimes the queries are relevant or irrelevant with company business.

But, then a couple of questions will be raised, such as: How to make that one? Are there any guidelines to make it? Is there any consultant available in local where our company operated? When do we start this? How will our stakeholder believe in what we have disclosed in this report?

The entire question will be discussed on the next topic on how to start making the sustainability report which consists of the outline as follow:

  • Identify your stakeholder
  • Check what is their expectation to us.
  • Define the SR’s scope of topic, boundary and reporting period
  • Find any guidelines to make SR
  • Do gap assessment refer to the selected guidelines
  • Measure all existing performance parameter incl. any omitted parameter found during gap assessment
  • Collect all measured performance parameter and other required information as required by the guidelines.
  • Develop the SR as per collected info.
  • Doing internal audit on the process data collection including its accuracy
  • Verify by the third party if necessary.
  • Publish the SR
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